Dumb Owl Productions is committed to honest comedic storytelling. Focusing on character driven, relationship first, comedic shows and sketch comedy. Cofounded by Ben Goldsmith and Leah Kilpatrick, Dumb Owl first earned some credibility for the 2018 web series "Lovers Divided" which was nominated "Best Indie Series" at the 2018 STREAMY awards. Another show created by Dumb Owl/Ben Goldsmith - "Venice Beach Originals", has just earned a 2020 TELLY AWARD for "Bronze Winner Documentary Web Series".

Ben Goldsmith

Co-Founder and Operator of Dumb Owl Productions

Ben graduated from UCLA in 2011 with a BA in Theater, Film and Television. The visionary of Dumb Owl productions, Ben believes in cherishing the story above all else. Spearheading such shows as "Lovers United", "Lovers Divided", "Venice Beach Originals" and "The So Late It's Early Show with Ben Goldsmith", Ben is constantly coming up with new concepts and is a leader when it comes to seeing projects from ideation through production. Resourceful and energetic, Ben is a true leader who's passion for storytelling is to infinity and beyond.

Co-Founder of Dumb Owl Productions

Leah Kilpatrick graduated from the film school at Columbia College Chicago. Leah co-founded Dumb Owl Productions and is currently an active contributing writer, and actor at Dumb Owl Productions. Go check her out and be as creepy as possible. She loves creeps! 

Leah Kilpatrick

Mike Gantz


Michael Patrick Gantz is a huge part of Dumb Owl Productions. Contributing talent to over 40+ projects, Michael Gantz is always here bringing the funniest faces, ideas, and physicality. Graduating from Arizona State college, Gantz has been making people laugh from the pitchers mound to the halls of ASU, and now to the beaches of Venice. He is an active contributing writer/actor/producer/lamp. The funniest person you'll ever meet.

Creative Consultant

Orly came from Syracuse University with a penchant for artistry. He's an active contributing producer, director, writer, performer, and editor at Dumb Owl Productions! He also has his own brand called "Orly Story" which is super mega awesome. He's a mensch and a scholar. We're lucky to have him!

Orly Israel


Ryan Michael graduated from Penn State with a double major in awesomeness and epicness. His background is in sales and the details. He will wow you with his care, attention to detail, and production prowess. A true lion, ready to hug you to bits.

Ryan Michael

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