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Dumb Owl is meant to be...

that feeling you get while speaking fluent gibberish. It's the part of you that loves sitting by a fire with fellows and felines laughing about life. That's Dumb Owl and that's what Dumb Owl aims to create, stories that uplift and inspire.

Discovered in 2013 by Ben Goldsmith and Leah Kilpatrick, Dumb Owl began with a 6 episode musical mini-series called  "Higgary Dunks and the 3 Bears" created by Ben Goldsmith and "Lovers United" - a love story about two Millenial YouTubers who hate each others guts - created by Ben Goldsmith and Leah Kilpatrick. 

One year later, they made "Lovers Divided" a 6 episode mini-series and were nominated for "Best Indie Series" at the 2018 STREAMY Awards. Follow up series to "Lovers United". 

Dumb Owl's very own Ben Goldsmith earned a 2020 Telly Award for the web-series "Venice Beach Originals" which is a docu-mocumentary show that brings the people of Venice Beach and their stories and art, to you.

Ben Goldsmith and comedy partner Michael Gantz are now producing the final season of MIKE&BEN the web-series. Dumb Owl plans on continuing to create original scripted comedy series and is gearing up to begin producing their set of feature films. A Dark Musical Comedy called "Lovers Reunited" and more slapstick sci-fi, comedy, space ballet thriller "Spiders in Space". Ben is in the possibility of creating the opportunity to make the "Sublime the Movie" a dark musical biopic if it's all meant to be.


We tell stories that aim to uplift and inspire the best parts of our humanity.

Please reach out to Ben directly to inquire about anything really, or these projects at

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