"Just Friends" Short Film's Official Selections

"Just Friends" our short film has been selected by the "Indie Shorts Fest", "Lift Off First Time Film Maker Selection" and "New York Movie Awards". Written by Tony Vallone and Directed by Ben Goldsmith, "Just Friends" is about two guys who wouldn't be friends if it weren't for their girlfriends being best friends. When one of the couple's breaks up, their non-friendship is put to the test.

We're very fortunate to have an amazing cast Starring Nikhil Deshpande, Lawrence Marshalian, Hilary Curwen, and Sigrid Owen. Huge shout outs to our featured actors Andrew Cottrell and Dianna Lee. On set we had Grace Snodgrass as well as Ivette Dianne Hernandez on costume design.

This is truly a special project that was created by a wonderful team of artists. Let's root for "Just Friends" and hope that it makes it's way into more festivals!

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