"Venice Beach Originals" is a show that brings the Venice Beach Boardwalk to you. Each episode focuses on a different artist who puts their passion and talents into the iconic boardwalk. Fictional and non-fictional characters combine together to show a melting pot of creativity and community. We are so pumped to have won a BRONZE TELLY AWARD for "Documentary Web Series" at the 41st Annual Telly Aw...

"Just Friends" our short film has been selected by the "Indie Shorts Fest", "Lift Off First Time Film Maker Selection" and "New York Movie Awards". Written by Tony Vallone and Directed by Ben Goldsmith, "Just Friends" is about two guys who wouldn't be friends if it weren't for their girlfriends being best friends. When one of the couple's breaks up, their non-friendship is put to the test. 

We're v...

"Lovers Divided" has been nominated for a Streamy Award in the "Indie Series" category! We are hardly able to contain ourselves over here in preparation for the award show. Everyday this month, we will be refurbishing old episodes of "Lovers United" as a cross promotional effort. We promote the Streamy's, while they promote and qualify our work! We've worked so hard on these video's and it's such...

The REAL FAKE NEWS team is at it again. This is the third edition of REAL FAKE NEWS with Jessica McMillin and Ben Goldsmith. In this episode, they're sure to discuss electric Cactus patch's, Firebreathing Dentists, and Misanthropic Tidal Waves sweeping our nation. Tune in and discover the truth about fake news.

Comedian Quincy Jones headlines Pancho's Monday night stand-up show in the cantina. The host, Danno Carter packs the show with great up and comers; Matt Donaher, Courtney Scheuerman, and Ben Goldsmith. Over $400 was raised to support Quincy's battle with cancer! What a terrific show!


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